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End by, see if anything is handy, or depart thoughts for me. By the way, sanseveria is the botanical identify, snake plant and mom-in-law’s tongue are each typical names. That’s why, at some position when you get into vegetation, you can expect to in all probability want to use the correct botanical identify to stay away from confusions.

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I like to know extra about the names of the different residence vegetation. Hola Amanda yo vivo en mexico en el estado de tabasco es una ciudad que tiene un clima tropical húmedo la mayoría de las plantas son de agua pero por el tanto sol porque las tengo afuera en el jardín tengo que regarlas a menudo y batallo con los hongos y manchas en las hojas saludos me gusta tu sitio. I enjoy your website! The place do you acquire most of your vegetation? I really like the swiss cheese plant, z plant, and chinese money plant (so diverse).

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Thanks Kim! I locate most of my crops at Lowes, Property Depot, and area nurseries. If you go every month or given company so they will normally have a whole new range of crops to browse by considering that https://www.mixcloud.com/nicolelow/ they usually get new shipments in. I’ve been browsing just about everywhere for a Chinese Revenue Plant… exactly where did you get yours? Have you noticed them in lots of sites? (I reside in Los Angeles, if this information and facts aids at all). Many thanks!I searched for a extensive time ahead of I found one for sale.

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I purchased mine on the net from this keep: http://www. blackjungleterrariumsupply. com/Pilea-peperomioidesp1845.

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html. how do I propagate an arrowhead plant (syngonium)? I have one particular that is much too large and needs to be bushier.

Lower a couple leaves and place in h2o? Many thanks. I’m not certain, I you should not have an experience with arrowhead plants. It would not hurt to check out that propagation method. :)Where can I find a Swiss Cheese plant. I have not observed a person in decades.

Thank you. I enjoy vegetation way too they make your household genuinely quite I have a issue with very little traveling bugs in my plant I tried every little thing I could to get rid of but they just maintain coming back again can someone enable me aid. To Lauretta P. , I purchased a pretty unique hunting plant that I just occurred upon at my community grocery shop termed a Pitcher Plant which is carnivorous and attracts insects and bugs and those people pesty gnats that you see this time of 12 months. It has worked terrific for me but was a little extra high priced than most of my other plants but at the exact same time is effectively well worth the revenue.

I enjoy string of pearl plant but I can not maintain them alive. I was told not to water them way too a great deal but they died from what seemed like dehydration. i stay in Hong Kong which is extremely humid and sizzling. I increase in door in the shade. Make sure you give me some guidance.

Hi men, my 1st put up and I really have loved looking at everyone’s posts. But to you, Katie, she had the names right, 10 is unquestionably a Jade and fourteen is the Chinese Cash plant. I know this simply because I also have a Jade and a number of some others. My many others contain: Peace Lilly, Spider plant, (three) pothos’s, (2) Mother-in-law’s Tongue, Palm, Purple Shamrock (which I now know is the speediest growing plant I’ve ever had or viewed), Xmas Cactus, Succulent, and just one of my favorites that I just a week in the past discovered it even existed is the Pitcher Plant.

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