“Marriage is wonderful but I'm not desperate. I'm not itching for it. It's something that - hopefully, at one time in my life, I'll be able to do.”

“This is wonderful, wonderful! Be the bird. You are the bird. Sacrifice yourself to abandoned family values.”

The hardest thing to teach young writers is that it's wonderful to tell your truth. And that's what you should do. But it damn well better be beautiful.

I just met a wonderful new man, he is fictional but you can't have everything.

It's a wonderful thing to be able to create your own world whenever you want to.

I think Little League is wonderful. It keeps the kids out of the house.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

Since I had started to break down all my writing and get rid of all facility and try to make instead of describe, writing had been wonderful to do.