I remember it was hard to believe that I was taking a step onto the lunar surface.

During the divorce process, I lived alone and tended to get extremely down on myself.

You are not going to change the minds of people who are looking for attention.

Russia perhaps is still entertaining the possibility that the moons of Mars might have access to ice or water.

Most people never believed in the real possibility of going to the moon, and neither did I until I was in my twenties

Unfortunately, kids are led to believe things are easier to achieve than they really are.

Not everyone will understand this need for America to lead the world in space.

Like actors and writers who are on and off again in terms of employment, I had a very unstructured life.

“Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. I am the first man to piss his pants on the moon.”

Mars is far more attractive as an outpost colony for earthlings than the moon is.